Builds confidence, self-esteem, strength, discipline & focus...

Maryland's Only Martial Arts Leadership Academy!

Prince George's County After School Martial Arts Program Transforms your Child into a Mighty Leader

For over 25 years, Full Circle Martial Arts Academy has been a driving force of change with a singular focus to make a real difference for our community. Empowering our youth and teaching them the character and life skills needed to succeed is the foundation that your children will receive from our martial arts after-school program. Our Mighty Leaders Program will give them an edge for the rest of their lives! At Full Circle, we strive to bring out the best in each child – at each child’s own pace – using: positive reinforcement, role models, peer team-building exercises, leadership, and character development lessons coupled with proven goal-setting and achievement strategies.


The psychological effects of bullying are immense. Don't leave your child's future in the hands of a bully. Grandmaster Scott's proven method of awareness, partnership with teachers, de-escalation and self-defense will help your child avoid being a bully's next victim.

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Increases Focus

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Develops Self-Esteem

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Builds Confidence

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Improves Grades

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Overcomes Shyness

After School Pick Up Available

We offer free and safe after-school pickup at the following PG County area elementary and middle schools. Your son or daughter may still enroll in our award-winning, martial arts programs and after-school martial arts program if you are able to arrange transportation. The schools that we currently provide transportation service include:

Safe After school Program Transport
Carmody Hills
Cora Rice
District Heights
Francis Scott Key
Highland Park
John Bayne
Kettering Elementary
Kettering Middle School
Lake Arbor
North Forestvile
Perry Wood
Phyllis E. Williams
Samuel P Massie
Walker Mill Middle School
William Paca

Read what parents, educators, and community leaders say about us

We have been honored with recognition for our service within our communities by community leaders and the media. We take this responsibility seriously and promise that we will always do our best to inspire your child to reach his or her full potential. Nothing is impossible!

Capitol Heights Mayor

Prince George's County Executive

Maryland State Governor

Taleema Chesney
Full circle has been a blessing and gives me piece of mind while I am away from my girls. The staff members are always friendly and very knowledgeable. My girls are being actively engaged, their minds are being stimulated and most of all, they are happy and excited about coming here!

Deneen Agnew
My Child has matured and loves helping others. He has improved his confidence and has an "I can do it" attitude!

Mrs. Jones
My daughter has attended for 6 months and she has improved in all aspects of life. She's more outgoing and speaking Spanish and Sign Language. Full Circle has been a blessing to my family!

Sheila Gregory
My daughter has spinal bifida and her doctors told us to put her in dance or martial arts to help with her balance and coordination ... because of Full Circle's patient instructors in working with the Jessica, she can now skip, hop, and run without falling. I definitely recommend Full Circle to others!

Kelly Clark
Gabriel's ability to sit still and master complicated instructions and skills (and coordination) has greatly improved.

Vanessa Edwards-Benjamin
Full Circle has benefitted my family a great deal. When our children are there, we know their needs are being met ... they are being challenged as they learn new skills as well as having fun! Our children love Full Circle. They enjoy the programs and are maturing into responsible individuals.

Jeanette Harrison
Full Circle has improved my child's confidence level. If you want your child in a safe, comfortable, and learning environment, Full Circle is the place and so much more!

Nichelle Mozee
I love all the support they give my child. Full Circle is one of the best things that has happened to my son!

Dr. Janice Hay
Full Circle has been a place where the program provides an extension of moral ethics and character development ...The instructors are very knowledgeable and encouraging!

Sean Fling
My girls have increased in focus and confidence. They have brought this attitude to the classroom. Full Circle has a nice family environment.

Marseeda Reed
My children have a positive attitude and better focus. They feel like leaders and are confident in what they say and do.

Levita Bassett
My child is part of the leadership program that he loves. He has gained a lot of discipline, self control, and confidence.

Why choose Full Circle Martial Arts?

Real Martial Arts Skills Development

At Full Circle, we don't pass out belts – we pass out earned sashes. We believe that true confidence and strength comes from overcoming challenges and developing real world self-defense skills. All our instructors have been personally trained my Grandmaster Scott and Grandmaster Wallace Powell in which several instructors have been training with us for the past two decades or more! Our caring staff and instructors help your child develop a growth mindset and desire to continue improving and competing with self rather than comparing oneself to others. Our after-school team will assist your child with homework during the study allotment period, helping to provide more time for you to spend quality time together in the evening.

Additional Family Support System

As concerned instructors and staff (and as parents), we have a deep understanding of the challenges facing our children (and parents) in today's overly negative and pressured society. We are here to help you and be part of your family support system, by providing your child with a fun and nurturing environment during the most dangerous times for children – between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Our students see their instructors as role models, so we can help you in guiding your child toward: overcoming any behavior problems, learning to express themselves properly, improving their grades, and working with you and their teachers to resolve other issues.

Grandmaster Samuel Scott

Grandmaster Scott is recognized as one of the top, martial arts and defensive tactic instructors in the world. A former 15-year Correctional Officer and founder of his own internationally-recognized martial arts style, Combat Kuntao, Grandmaster Samuel Scott has promoted hundreds of Blackbelts and has been tasked with training thousands of law enforcement officers, FBI SSG Agents, Elite Law Enforcement Trainers, Presidential Bodyguards, and Military Specialists. Students and master instructors come from all around the world to train with Grandmaster Scott, and we are so fortunate to have him at the school every day!